Sunday, May 2, 2010

The limit of free web hosting

All free web hosting has its own limit, such as CPU time,bandwidth, ads. They say that their web hosting support PHP script, but it is not all the truth.Their webhosting only support several php functions. Some useful and important functions are banned.

Last week, I had set up a wordpress on the free web hosting. All thing seemed right. when I added the WP Robot plugin to the site, I found that I could not post articles by it. The WP Robot reported that the server does not support the curl function. So it seems that this function has been baned by the server, I did not email the administrator of the server, I think it won't work because this is a free web hosting.

I have tried several free web hostings, they have more or less limits. The Zymic has banned a lot of PHP functions. The byethost and megahost will close your account if your websites have little traffic in a month. The limedomains has a bandwidth limit of 250M/month. The has popup ads. The dreamhost apps is very slow. The netfirms has no database. I will check all the free web hosting and make a review for each.

Now, I only use the 000webhost, when I want to host my websites on free web sites, the 000webhost is the best free web hosting I have ever met. Speed and space is enough, and no php function limit. I have no problem on their service.
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