Sunday, July 4, 2010

Avoid meta-refresh and JS redirects - Google's JohnMu

Avoid meta-refresh and JS redirects - Google's JohnMu:

Last Friday, Google's John Mueller (JohnMu) posted a strong warning in Google's Webmaster support forums:

I would strongly recommend not using meta refresh-type or JavaScript redirects like that if you have changed your URLs. Instead of using those kinds of redirects, try to have your server do a normal 301 redirect. Search engines might recognize the JavaScript or meta refresh-type redirects, but that's not something I would count on -- a clear 301 redirect is always much better.


Yahoo is Testing New Algo

Yahoo is Testing New Algo:
Lots of uk, au, in and other worldly destinations mixed in with spammy garbage. Hardly seeing any US sites in results at all.

Free Web Hosting ASP And Access Support

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Unlimited Web Hosting Is Really Unlimited?

Several web hosting providers say their web hosting is:
  • Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
  • Unlimited Databases
Let's check it out. I have heared that some web hostings are over sale, usually 100-200 websites are hosted on 1 server. You can check it by some web tools such as, just search how many websites are hosted on the same IP I think that the space is limited to 1-2G for the capacity of the hard disk. Some websites,like blogs, 100-200M is enough. But other sites used for downloading files, watching movies, all the capacity of hard disk is not enough.

Unlimited bandwidth, it may not be truth. A real several has limited bandwidth. Every day, the transfer of all websites on this server is limited. So, if your site has little traffic but other sites have, your site will be very slow.

Unlimited Domain Hosting, this may be a truth. But it is not good for us, because more the websites, slower the speed.

Unlimited E-Mail Accounts, it is not of use for me, I don't like using this service. It is not easier to use than Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

Unlimited Databases, it may be true, but it is not good for us yet. If the server has unlimited database and unlimited domains, some people will use it for Autoblogs, a blog that auto post articles for them. They just do a little work, but get so many autoblogs. More the websites, slower the speed, it is always a fact.

So, if you just want a web hosting for your blog, find some web hostings those are not over sale and unlimited. If you want to make a website for download, buy a VPS or real server service. If you just want do some autoblogs, make sure one server hosts few websites.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What is the right hosting for you?

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

X10hosting DNS Servers

The x10hosting DNS Servers are followed:


Sunday, May 2, 2010

The limit of free web hosting

All free web hosting has its own limit, such as CPU time,bandwidth, ads. They say that their web hosting support PHP script, but it is not all the truth.Their webhosting only support several php functions. Some useful and important functions are banned.

Last week, I had set up a wordpress on the free web hosting. All thing seemed right. when I added the WP Robot plugin to the site, I found that I could not post articles by it. The WP Robot reported that the server does not support the curl function. So it seems that this function has been baned by the server, I did not email the administrator of the server, I think it won't work because this is a free web hosting.

I have tried several free web hostings, they have more or less limits. The Zymic has banned a lot of PHP functions. The byethost and megahost will close your account if your websites have little traffic in a month. The limedomains has a bandwidth limit of 250M/month. The has popup ads. The dreamhost apps is very slow. The netfirms has no database. I will check all the free web hosting and make a review for each.

Now, I only use the 000webhost, when I want to host my websites on free web sites, the 000webhost is the best free web hosting I have ever met. Speed and space is enough, and no php function limit. I have no problem on their service.
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